Friday, June 6, 2008

He didn't even put up a fight....

...and I was SOOO prepared with my speech and everything. My appointment went great. Heard the baby's heartbeat and everything checked out perfectly. After my exam I met with Dr Barker in his office to go over all the basic stuff, the "yep you're pregnant", here's the plan type stuff. So when talking to him he asked if I want to go with another c-section or try a vaginal birth. I told him I'd definitely like to try a vaginal delivery if I can (that's if my body and child cooperate). He said that'd be fine. If at 40 weeks, I do not progress though they would not induce but would go for the c-section. I that was easy, I didn't even get the chance to get up on my soapbox and explain why I want/need to go full term. He said that after my 20 week U/S we will set a date so that if I don't go on my own, we'll have something already arranged. So...with a due date of December 23rd (according to my "unofficial" measurements) I'm thinking we'd set a date for either December 26th or 29th. I don't really want to do it on the 23rd since after a c-section you stay for 3 days....not much of a Christmas with my husband and baby girl. They may go with my LMP date which would make me due around the 16th, but we won't know for sure until my official U/S at 20 weeks.

OK, did you follow all that? I tend to ramble, sorry. Basically I'm just excited that I'll have the chance to go full term, unless God and this baby have a little different idea.

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