Thursday, September 25, 2008

My belly is big....

It may have something to do with the fact that I didn't lose any of the weight that I had gained when I had Brenna (ok, I lost some of it, and gained it back when I first found out I was pregnant). I went in for my check-up and glucose test yesterday (which I'm pretty sure I passed since they haven't called me) and when I got on the scale, I couldn't even see the numbers. For most women, that'd probably be a good thing, but I was curious what I had gained. I had to literally push (or try to) some of my belly in and lean over. To my surprise I was up 5 pounds (16 total, not bad) but I thought it was going to be much worse. They didn't yell at me at all...yes I had a 5 pound jump, but I've been at a steady increase.

So...that's all good, but now I'm realizing just how big my belly is getting. When I have my scrubs on at work, as soon as I sit down, the top rolls down and I have a nifty little crotch band that sits under my belly...even better, as soon as I stand up, I have to pull them up quick or I'll loose them all together. Now picture this lovely image, as I'm leaving an elderly male patient, in the dark (or dimly lit room anyway), I'm pulling my gloves off and trying to quickly grab my pants before they end up on the floor, all the while trying to be discreet and quite as to not alert my patient that there's a problem. I think I managed this with style and grace. When I return from showing my films, I turn up my lights and let the patient know he's all done. He stands up and says "you know darling (yes, he was cute and called me darling), my wife bought me a pair of these here suspenders." wondering where he was going with this.... "I can ask her where you can pick up a pair to help you out" gee, thanks mister. Now that I'm beat red with embarrassment, I laugh it off, pat my belly and tell him it'll be over soon when the baby comes. He says "Oh...well heck, if it's only a week or two, I can lend you mind" So now I'm not only loosing my pants and doing a bad job at hiding it...I am now big enough to deliver my son in a week or two instead of 3 months...oh boy.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy Anniversary!!!!!

I just want to wish my parents a VERY Happy Anniversary today, what is it 45 years now? Wow. I know there are many ups and downs in a marriage and they have certainly been through their share, but to still be together through it all says something. I wish you two the best today and dinner is on us! Enjoy each other.

All our love,
Shannon, Jason , Brenna and Baby Boy!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

26 weeks

Thought I'd share a pic of Baby Boy that I took last week. He's still cruisin all over the place in there, he must be rockin to an ipod or something. All is well. Now at 26 weeks, we're pretty much on the downslide. Looking forward to seeing this little guy at Christmas.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I love being a Mom

When it's time to pick up Brenna from Grandma and Grandpa's and she runs to me shouting "ma-ma, ma-ma"
I love being a Mom
When we walk out to the car and she does a little dance and says "cooby dooooooo"
I love being a Mom
When she's sitting down to play with her trains and points for me to sit next to her
I love being a Mom
When it's time to go to bed and she grabs her na-night and nuk and blows me kisses
I love being a Mom
and when it's 3Am and my poor baby is sick with a cold and can't sleep, she wakes me up just for me to hold her in my arms, her little hands wrapped around my neck.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Daddy's turn

Last night Jason got to feel his baby boy kick for the first time. It's always nice when he can finally experience what I have been feeling for so long. It almost makes it more "real", and confirms the fact that my growing belly is actually due to the baby inside and not just my eating (ok, with the awesome meals we've had could be that too.)

Brenna just kind of looked at us funny and didn't really know why he had his hand on my belly. Maybe when the kicks get even stronger she'll be able to feel it too, I can't wait to see the look on her face when that happens.

All in all, everything is still going great. This little one must really enjoy where he's at because he's running circles around in my belly all day long and sleeps when I do at night. Good boy, keep it up.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


We had the best food this weekend...ugh, I think I'm still full. On Saturday we headed over to my folks for a Shrimp Boil. Now, this was my very first attempt at something so different, but I think it turned out great (and by all the "ugh, I'm so full" comments afterwards, I think it went off pretty good.) I wish I would have taken pictures of it, but by the time it was ready to eat we were all so hungry that running to get my camera (10 feet away) would have delayed our meal too long. the turkey deep fryer w/ water, we cooked corn on the cob, red potatoes, kielbasa, and shrimp in some Zataran's seasoning, 2 big ol cloves of garlic and 3 sweet onions. Mmmmmm, it all had so much flavor and just a bit of a kick. We lined the table with a plastic table cloth topped with parchment paper (couldn't find the freezer paper) and poured all the yummy goodness across the table. WE had squeezable butter, cocktail sauce and spicy mustard to dip everything in. We we're a little more domesticated than we were supposed to, and used a fork and a couple plates, but for the most part we just ate right off the table.
We are definitely doing this one was oh so good.

After recovering on Sunday we had another wonderful meal on Monday. Mom and Dad, Chris and Mike and kids all came over for some Jalapeno poppers, stuffed mushrooms and stuffed peppers. Wow - another awesome dinner. The stuffed peppers turned out so yummy.

All and all...Labor day weekend - we filled our belly's with awesome food and the kidos got to run around and play. GREAT WEEKEND!!!!!