Tuesday, June 24, 2008

14 weeks

I know, I know, I've been terrible about not blogging and I apologise. It seams my only real time to blog is at work, and would you believe they actually want me to work around here? What's with that?
Anyway - 14 weeks today and still holding strong. Everything is going great. I feel wonderful and my energy is making its way back to me which I've been waiting for. My next appointment is Thursday (July 3rd) which is just a belly check and then we'll set a date for my 20 week U/S. We will be finding out what the sex is again. I'll probably figure it out myself prior to that appointment, but we'll wait to tell everyone until we have a confirmation. (at least that's what we did with Brenna) I haven't been wrong yet - knock on wood - but there's something about scanning yourself that makes me second guess just a little..like is that really what I'm seeing or is that what I'm wanting to see. Boy or Girl? Jason and I are not real particular about that, as cliche' as it sounds, we just want him/her to be healthy. Boy - that would be great...one of each, until the third one comes along anyway. Girl - well, we just love our first little girl so much that another one like her would be wonderful.

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