Thursday, June 5, 2008

1st OB appointment today

It seems like this day has taken forever. All the little hoops you have to jump through just to see the Doctor for the first time. About 2 weeks ago, I called to set up my appointment knowing they won't even see you until 10-12 weeks. The gal asked where I had my confirmation done and I said I didn't. I did the stick thing and that I'm an Ultrasound tech and I peeked and know there's a viable I was almost 10 weeks. I was informed that I still needed a confirmation before they would even set up an appointment. I did what I had to do...went and got my blood drawn and low and behold, yes I was pregnant. So, I called again once my clinic faxed the results and they said I had to first meet with a Nurse to go over all my history and everything, but I couldn't do it the same day as my Dr appt...what? So, I had to leave early on Monday to go in and give them all the information (remind you that I had done all this at the same facility with Brenna about 2 yrs ago... and other than this being a 3rd pregnancy and not a 2nd, NOTHING has changed) So....I did my part, got my wonderful book on what to expect when your pregnant, all the information about the tests that I will again refuse to have done, and my ever so important "cup" to bring with me at my appointment. I am, with all of that running around, going to be heading to my very first Dr appointment for this precious baby of mine. I don't mean to sound pissy about it all, I will do whatever I need to do to ensure the proper care, but they make it rather difficult to comply when they won't even work with you to limit the number of trips in. I always thought you went in for a confirmation to make sure the stick was correct, not that it was a must in order to see the Dr. Obviously when he does my exam...he'll know that it's "confirmed" They weren't even concerned about my HCG levels (which would be super high since I was so far along) because they would have taken an Ultrasound report if I had one. Weird.

I did get some good information from the Nurse though (that has prepared me for my battle with the Dr.) She said that if I were to go for another c-section (they're kinda on edge around here about doing a vaginal birth after a Cesarean) that they usually set it up for around 38 weeks. Why? I don't know. I have prepared my speech for Dr Barker today to get him from the start that I DO NOT want to go early unless there were complications that arise, or I were to start on my own. I went 41 weeks 2 days with Brenna, no problems what so ever, didn't even go on my own had to be induced. I want and need to carry this child as long as I possibly can. Most people would probably say...go for it, it's only 2 weeks....but I am not one of those. As inpatient as I got towards the end to finally see Brenna, I loved every minute being pregnant with her and knew the longer I could keep her safe and warm, the better it would be for her. So pray for me and this little one, that I can convince Dr Barker to go as long as I possibly can. Even if that means I have to deliver on least I know I gave him/her every possible minute inside to develop and grow.

I'll let you all know tomorrow what he says.

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