Tuesday, April 29, 2008

National Scrapbook Day

OK, so I was pointed out on my handouts by Lucia that I had in fact named this event Croptoberfest and not National Scrapbook Day...Difference? April and October. Well, to my defense there was snow on the ground when we left for the event, so I say it was more like our Fall event than a spring one. So there!

All in all, the event went pretty good. I had 6 customers and we had a TON of food....need to reduce that yet again. The time always goes by so fast and before I know it we're packing up to head home. It was great to see Christy and Dan again, and their boy Drew, that little boy is so dang cute I just can't stand it.

Now I'm in the process of unpacking everything...ugh. It's a good time to look through everything, but there's just so much of it I hardly know where to start. At least I'm good for another 6 months...if my Big belly will allow me to hold an event then...ha ha ha.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Croptoberfest Time!

Well, This weekend is our Croptoberfest event up in Minnesota. This will be my first event as a non-consultant so we'll see if I can keep making trips up there to do them. With the cost of gas lately, it's hard saying how many trips we'll even be making to visit this summer. I have 5 customers this time around, a couple of my regulars and a newbie (Hi Christy's Mom!!) I think it'll be a good time and I'm excited to catch up with a few friends that I haven't seen in a while. Who knows, maybe I can get a little scrapping done too. I am SOOOOO behind, I think I'm at Brenna's first Halloween (she was only 2 months old), OH MY, I better get my butt in gear before the next one gets here.

Monday, April 21, 2008

I know, I know....

OK, I know I haven't been on here much (or at all) to post, but there has been so much going on lately. I really need to force myself to at least stop in every so often. So how's this for catching up on some news?


Will that work? Does that mean I'm forgiven for not posting...probably not, but hey, at least it's some big news. So far we haven't told anyone yet, but we're sending out the news in the next week or two. Unless they happen to come across this blog (which I'm sure we'll be getting all kinds of phone calls) it should be a surprise to most.
We're very excited to be adding to our family and Brenna even points to my belly now and says "baby". Not that she really understands what's going on, but it's still so dang cute.