Tuesday, June 10, 2008

12 weeks

Ahhhh....the 12 week mark. I think I'm finally kickin this silly cold, so I can enjoy this pregnancy a little more. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy every possible minute, but I've been so consumed with this cold that I wasn't thinking too much about it. Now that I'm getting my senses back and am feeling somewhat normal, I can sit back and bask in my pregnancy glow. Still no morning sickness and other than being tired from the busy weekend, I'm really not fatigued at all. I do love being pregnant and I cherish every moment that I have with this one. I am looking forward to the kicks and movements, I've really missed feeling a little one inside. It's such a neat feeling that only I get to experience with each and every one of my children. The kicking on my bladder, the butt up in my ribcage, the elbow to my spleen...oh how I've missed that. In all seriousness, if you are currently pregnant and reading this, cherish every movement because you WILL miss it when it's gone. Although afterwards you get to cuddle and snuggle with them, you'll still miss being the only one to feel them from the inside. Wow...it's so awesome.

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Jenny said...

i found you thru 10 on 10...and guess what? I'm 12 weeks exactly today! How fun! But I read a bit further and I think my husband would be happy with as early as possible...we don't want a christmas baby ;)