Friday, May 2, 2008

I caved

Ok, so Jason and I have been planning on waiting until after I was 8 weeks to tell everyone about the baby. I wanted to tell my Parents before my Mom headed to Minnesota, but Jason convinced me to wait...ok fine we'll tell everyone when she gets back. By the way, she comes back May 8th...that's still like a week away...ugh.

So, low and behold I get an e-mail from my sister-in-law that she's working on some Genealogy stuff and needs the following information from us.
Will you please fill these out for you and your family (spouse and kids)?

Full name
Date of Birth
Height (for children under 10 don't worry about this one)
Build (average, slim, muscular, curvy, etc)
hair (color), eye (color)
Skin (fair, olive, easily burns, etc)

so I filled out all the info for myself, Jason and Brenna. I then asked Jason's permission to hint to these guys and he said sure, he'd love to hear what they say. So, I listed the following
Baby Anderson sometime mid December 2008
right now - about the size of a sesame seed
glob - is that a kind of build?
hair - none yet, eyes- they're just forming
skin - in the process of making it
health, getting better every day
education - learning how to become a fetus
occupation - giving mama heartburn

I tell you took all of 10 minutes before Sabrina called. I had to laugh. The first words out of her mouth? "so when were you going to tell us?" I explained that we were actually going to wait another week, but the opportunity came up and I had to spill the news. I was still talking to her when Craig got home, he read right past it at first, then said congratulations.

So, there....I gave in. Sorry to Mom and Dad and all the others, that they found out before you, but I really was planning on telling everyone at the same time. Now, if I can just avoid eye contact with anyone for the next week so I don't get tempted again.

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