Monday, May 19, 2008

Garage Sale

Well, we had our Garage Sale this past weekend and sold a TON! We didn't even put it in the paper, just 1 sign at the end of the road. Mom and Dad's place is just off the main drag so we had a bunch of people stop by. The garage was packed when we open Friday morning. I had a bunch of Brenna's clothes hanging on 2 rods, and 2 tables piled high. I'd say over half went. I had about 50 masks...gone, Dad's puzzles...gone, all my butler stuff...GONE! It was crazy. We honestly didn't know if it'd even be worth opening up on Saturday, so mom and I scrounged around for more stuff...and guess what? GONE!
Christine brought over a few things and a bunch of Jaden's clothes. It was a bummer we didn't have them on Friday because I had at least 5 different people asking for boy stuff. She did sell a good amount on Saturday (we were marking them while people were looking at them). So, we decided to do it again this Saturday since it's already all set up.

Total for 1 1/2 days was just shy of $500....whoa, that's crazy!


patti said...

I have been trying to email you and everytime I get started "someone" needs me for someting. Congratz on the new neice or nephew. I am so happy for all of you. Jake wnats to know how the baby got there. You get to tell him :) hehe

Awsome on the G Sale. Maybe you should have another one. :)
Gotta run Take care-lv

patti said...

My neice or newphew. :)

shannonjason said...

Hmmm...well Jake....ugh....turkey baster? Um...I'll have to pnder on that one and prepare myself for when I see him. =)