Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Due Date change

OK, so I had always felt that I wasn't as far along as I should be according to my period. I've been off the pill for several months, in fact it's almost been a year. I always kept a mental note on when about I'd be ovulating since we were trying to somewhat avoid getting pregnant until March of this year. Not that we were totally preventing, we just were not really trying until March. Anyway, Once we said OK, for sure lets work on the baby making thing, I tried to remember back as to how long it was between my periods. Up until I had Brenna, I was VERY regular - 28 days to the day, but I was also on Birth control. It seams to me that the time between periods the last few months were getting further and further apart. Jan to Feb was like 31 days, and Feb to March was like 34 or so. Now I wasn't charting, temping or doing any of that, because in all honesty - Jason and I are as fertile as they come, and we are truly Blessed by that, so I had no worries that I'd get pregnant when the time was right.

So - after that big long intro - according to my period and a general idea of a due date, I should be 8w 1d. I have been waiting until the baby was big enough to check via U/S to get a better idea of how far along I was. I had in the back of my mind that I was about a week off (so I'd be like 7w 1d. According to my U/S today - I charted as 7w 3d (by Crown Rump and Gestational Sac Measurements) so I'm going to go with that. I changed my ticker on the side to the new date.

Although, I'm a little sad that I'm not 8 weeks yet, I feel like I just gained another week with this precious one and I'm lucky to have the extra time with him/her.

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