Thursday, June 11, 2009


5:00PM: pick up both children from my Mother's house. She so graciously took Brenna for the day after I showed up in the morning with her and no warning - sorry Mom. I was up most of the night before when Brenna spiked a temp of 102. No daycare with a fever so she spent the day at Grandma's.

5:15PM: Head to Wal-mart to pick up more Tylenol and a few other things for the night.

6:00PM: Start Dinner while hubby takes care of a very fussy Trever.

6:45ish: Trever was tired of being on the floor playing. I was done with dinner so I picked him up only to then be covered in some projectile baby vomit. Seriously...twice even. First down my arm and on him. Second time was the biggie, all down the front of both of us. Down my shirt and into my bra. Fabulous!

7:00PM: Both kids in tub (mama kind of cleaned up) and ready for bed.

7:30PM: Brenna asked to go to bed. Hugs and Kisses given, prayers said and one precious baby girl all tucked into bed.

8:00-9:00PM: Both mama and daddy switching back and forth with Trever to get to sleep. Another bottle, some rocking and finally down for the night.

9:15PM: Mama's tired and off to bed. Daddy to follow a few minutes later.

11:50PM: Brenna whining/crying - I went to check on her. Sat in her room for a few minutes and she drifted back to sleep.

Thursday (today)
12:30AM: Brenna crying again, but then back to sleep within seconds.

1:15AM: Brenna really up now - calling for mama, crying. She has a temp somewhere between 102 and 103 (I can't always figure out those silly digital forehead sweeping things, especially at 1am - just sayin). Rock with baby girl to ease some of her hurt. Tylenol given, more hugs and kisses and some cuddle time until she tells me to go back to bed. As a good mother, I do what my Daughter tells me to do {grin}

1:45AM: Brenna awake again and sneaking around to my side of the bed whispering "Mama...Mamaaaahhh". I get up and get my precious a sippy cup of milk and back to bed we go. She's still a little warm, but not as bad as she was earlier.

2:45AM: After drinking milk, snuggle time and music on Brenna is asleep and back to bed I go.

3:00AM: Trever's turn to wake up. I nudge the hubby to go get him this time. He does and returns to bed shortly after.

3:30AM: Trever's up again (still?). Hubby asks for Mama's magic touch to get baby boy back to sleep. Magic touch consists of making a bottle, changing diaper (and entire clothes since diaper was at max capacity and he's wet up to his chest), re-dressing a now shivering baby, rocking and feeding wide awake son.

4:15AM: Put Trever to bed, walk out of room and then back in. Pick Trever up, rock and back to bed. The third time he was actually snoring - sound asleep and content in his crib. I stop by Brenna's room - she's snoring too. Ahhhh...what a great sound.

4:25AM: Mama slides into bed, head hits pillow....Trever awake. Mama back up and brings Trever into bed with us. Sound asleep and doesn't move a muscle.

5:00AM: Mama's alarm for work goes off. Shower, get ready for work, grab a banana. Talked Daddy into staying home with sick children today.

6:00AM: Meet carpool partner at Mom's house

7:15AM: At work, checking out busy schedule - no rest for the weary today, that's for sure.

8:00AM: First patient is here, time to go.

So how has your morning been????

Did I mention I love being a Mom? Because really...I do
Have a good day {grin}


Ace said...

Oh, you poor mommy. I do not miss those days at all! Hopefully you can get some good sleep soon!

Patient? What do you do?

shannonjason said...

Surprisingly I didn't mind one bit. When I was rocking Trever or even sitting with Brenna, I soaked up every ounce of them. I like those "stolen moments". I kills me that they are sick, but I just can't help but love them needing their Mommy. I've got all the time in the world to catch up on my sleep, but I will only have that particular moment with them once. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside - {sigh} I do so love being a Mom.

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