Friday, June 19, 2009

Brenna's got a new bed

Brenna has had her new bed up now for about a week and I think it's a keeper. She has been in the Queen sized been since I was pregnant with Trever. Until now it had been just the box spring and mattress on the floor - which worked out really good for her to get on and off of.

Her room is an Asian theme. Most of her items are from her Uncle Craig and Auntie Sabrina (also her Godparents) that were picked up in Japan when Craig was there. She has a full sized Kimono hanging on her wall that is absolutely beautiful. We just put up the umbrella with a light behind it. We waited until Brenna was old enough to not try and pull it down on top of her. (that and we couldn't figure out to put it up there at first) Her crib used to be on the wall that the headboard is on. Her night stand is one that we got for our wedding. It has a Japanese painting on the top of it and on the drawer in gold.
She has another shelf on the opposite wall by her closet that holds some Geisha figurines, paper dolls, framed pictures, chop sticks and other neat things from Japan. By the way, that Kimono we use for pictures of Brenna to see how she's grown. I lie it out on the floor and for every month for her first year I'd put her on it. Now we do it every year for her birthday. Eventually we'll have pictures of her wearing it. I love looking back at those pictures and seeing just how much she's grown. I think I still need something for this blank wall...but not sure what we're going to put there yet.
So there it is...Miss Brenna's room and her new bed.

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Ace said...

I love the umbrella with the light! Great idea!