Thursday, May 14, 2009

Crazy Busy.

So sorry to those of you that have been anxiously awaiting another post from me...all 10 of you that read my blog...I think it's 10...let's, sister, other sister, mother-in-law, friend 1, sister of friend 1, blog buddy 1 and 2, labor that 10 yet? Oh yea, don't forget anonymous....that should make 10...I rock.

I can't even explain in full depth all the craziness that is going on now and how my mind is all mottled up - but you know me, I'll sure try. I have started 4 or 5 different posts and have been so rudely interrupted every time. When I go back to read what was written, well let's just say you're probably lucky that I never posted them - it wasn't even making sense to me and I was living it. Ugh.

Where to start.....oh yea. We (and by we I mean my mother, two sisters and I) are having this HUGE garage sale this weekend. Seriously - the garage is packed, and we don't even have half of the stuff we're planning on putting out there. I have gone through just about every inch of my home and put a tag on everything in sight. I think by the time it's all said and done all that will be left is a plunger and an empty roll of toilet paper. Sweet!!! Anyone interested in a plunger?

Why? You must be asking yourself. Well, we are ready for a fresh start. There are certain things we have gotten along the way that may have "worked" for us at the time, fit better in a different home, or just filled in for something that we never really knew what we wanted. Now it's time for a change. I try to be surrounded with the things I love. When you really enjoy everything around you, life seems so much more comfortable, happy and full of life. Of course this is my opinion and it is by no means saying people need to sell everything they own and buy new.

A little example of what I'm talking about - our dining room table. I have had two other dining room sets in my previous apartment and home. They "worked" at the time, but I never really loved them. When we moved into our current home, we went without a dining room table for some time. Then one day Jason and I headed to slumberland to check out a different table - one that matched out kitchen cabinets (hickory). As soon as we walked in the door Jason spotted THE table. It was dark wood, straight lined, clean sleek. The chairs were high backed with a black leather in-lay. It was beautiful and PERFECT - for us anyway. To top it all off, it was on sale. That was it. That was "our" dining room set. Instead of rushing out and getting something just to fill the space, we waited. Now, my husband prides himself in the fact that he picked out the table - which he did and I give him credit for that. The point is we went for the one that we fell in love with and to this day we still love it. It is our table, for our home, that we will sit at for every meal possible as a family. It is the place where we will be able to talk with our children, find out all about their day, what's happening in school, who has what going on. Our dinner table is a big part of our family, it brings us together to make sure we have that time to share with no interruptions. When I was growing up, we never answered the phone, we asked to be excused from the table once everyone was finished eating, and we rarely missed a dinner together. I want that for my family. Life gets busy - school, sports, work, whatever it is, but I want that place that we all go to and share what is going on in our lives. So there - that's our table. A fancy hunk of wood for some people, but it is so much more for us. With such important things going on at it - we must be sure that we LOVE it.

OK - I don't know where I got off track here and on the big tangent about our dinner table, but I hope that gives you a little insight to the "surrounding ourselves with things we love" type deal. I'm not extravagant by any means. I do enjoy nice things, but mainly if I'm going to buy something, I want to make sure that I really love it so 2 years down the road I don't have to go through all this again because it's not exactly what we're looking for.

Once again - work has interrupted my post (silly people think I should actually work at work) so I'm off, but at least I'll post this one and come back again to tell you more of all things crazy in my life.

Have a good day - thanks for listening.


Ace said...

Wow, bottling things up? lol Just kidding.

I wish we would've waited like that for somethings that we have. I really getting tired of my living room furniture but can't really do anything about it now.

shannonjason said...

um, not so much bottling it up, just no time to let it out...ha ha ha.