Thursday, April 9, 2009

No Pictures

I don't know what it is about posting that I feel the need to only post if I have pictures to include. I want to be the person that blogs everyday (or at least every other) but when I sit down to write something, I'm usually at work and have no pictures on these I don't blog. I really don't know why that is.

So today I decided that I must blog AND with no pictures. It feels kinda weird actually, but I'm sure I'll survive (I hope)

What is going on with us you ask? Well, here's a little bit of a run down.

Jason is in the mixed of starting a new job - maybe. He's actually stuck in the middle of 2 places and is having some second thoughts about his decision. You see, Jason is an EXTREMELY hard worker and is very good at what he does. This is demonstrated time and time again - most recently as the new job hired him on the spot and the current job is fighting to keep him. What is a guy to do? As great as it sounds to have 2 jobs fighting for you (especially in this economy) - it's really tough on him and makes him question if he is doing the right thing. As a loving and supporting wife, I have expressed that I will back him 100% in whatever he decides. I have pointed out pros and cons for both places and have tried to help him search deep down on what he wants to do and what would make him happy.

Here's some things to compare

current-pay raise to stay
new-small pay cut to start, potential for higher pay down the road

current - farther away, more gas and wear on truck
new - closer, less gas and wear

current - enjoys who he works with for the most part and knows how they work
new - all new people and new relationships to develop, don't know how they work

current - guaranteed work in the winter = steady money coming in
new - no guarantee - more than likely be laid off for the winter = time with kids

current - usually home in time for dinner and time with the kids
new - won't be home much during the week during the summer - even some out of town work and will be gone for weeks at a time

current - variety of work - some of them not his favorite things to do
new - will only do hardscapes which is what he really enjoys

there are other things to consider, but these were some of the things he has to ponder. Again, I'm behind him all the way. Sometimes that grass is greener on the other side, sometimes it's just a different cow's crap. I've been praying all day today that the right thing will make itself known to Jason and that he feels comfortable with the job he decides on. God has a plan for him and I only hope he can open his heart to let it be guided by Him.

If you have any suggestions or other aspects to consider, please leave a comment. I'm sure there's a bunch of things we haven't looked at yet. Thanks


Just Kids said...

go with your gut

shannonjason said...

that's what I said to him, but even his "gut" or the fake-out gut has him contimplating.

Anonymous said...

How sad that you wouldn't try to talk your husband into keeping the "current" job.Doesn't sound like there are too many benefits to the new job.I find it sad that a mother and father of two children wouldn't do everything in their power so that one or the other could be home with your babies.As my husband would say, your husband needs to do what's best for his family...not himself.Maybe he should work both jobs for a while if he can.This just makes me very sad for your kids.

shannonjason said...

Dear Anonymous,
There are many things to take into account here. One thing that I didn't go totally in depth in was the fact that the reason the new job has better potential for more pay down the road is that it's a bigger company and there would be a good possibility of a promotion into management. Another road that we're not sure we want to go down yet. The work that he does, doesn't allow for him to work both jobs as they need to be done during daylight hours so it will have to be one or the other. As a supporting wife, I would never try to push my husband into one direction or the other. I don't feel that it is my place to tell him what he should or shouldn't do. I give my opinion and try to help him come to a decision and he knows that I will be by his side no matter what. He needs to be happy in his job otherwise it has a negative effect on our family. I respect your opinion and I thank you for commenting. Don't be sad for my children, they are not suffering by any means. When I was at home with my daughter...she was bored. She needs that interaction with other children her age to help her grow and learn. Going to daycare has provided her with many social skills that she wouldn't get if she was only relying on me and a few play dates. She loves it there and looks forward to playing with her friends. My son spends his day with Grandma and Grandpa - which is so rewarding not only for him but for them too. The kind of love that they give him is different from that of a parent. I would rather have this situation, than me at home and my husband working 2-3 jobs to make ends meet. This way we both get to have our time with our children and he doesn't have to miss out on them. Sad is a child that doesn't get to know their father growing up. Just my opinion. Thanks again for commenting - stop back again - and I hope you have a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

Ok...Now I understand..If you really wanted to be with them, you would be...But you are like so many countless others that say how important it is for you to have children, yet when it comes down to you being with them you make the excuse that he or she was too bored to be with you..I'm sorry, but your daughter is not getting what she needs.The social interaction, she could have gotten with you..walks during the day, snuggle time with mommy,playing in the yard,just being with don't need the kind of social interaction with other kids on a daily basis.They need time with their moms and daddies.I know having children of my own how important it is to to be home with them.I find it so sad that you think your kids are really getting what they need.I have a working husband too, and he works long hard hours so the time that we do have together as a family is important to us..We make the most of every moment together.Unlike your husband, mine has worked 2 to 3 jobs so I could be home.I think you are just looking for any kind of excuse to ease your guilt.And any man that would have the woman that he loves and the mother to his children go to work to support the family, in my opinion, is a very selfish person.

One Pretty Girl and Her Mama said...

Although I seem to live a life somewhat like "Anonymous" I think you need to do what you think is right for YOUR family. I think it is great that you are letting Jason decide which to take and backing him up 100%. I don't think your family would be a happy one if he had to do a job that he wasn't happy with. Knowing you, I know your a great wife/mother. Anonymous obviously doesn't know you. I will pray that Jason finds comfort in whatever choice is right for him and his family. :)

feyder5 said...

To anonymous, You are the selfish one. You are denying the father of your children the time he needs with them to make them well rounded and to feel loved by him. I feel sorry for your family.

Anonymous said...

Like I said before, yes my husband worked 2 to 3 jobs and yes it took away time from our family, but it got us out of debt in less than a year and then I was able to be home with my kids and my husband was able to just work his regular job.It sucked for a while, but it was worth it because now I am home and he has so much more time with all of us having only a house payment and utilities and such..I just think that having one parent at home is so much better for the kids.I know I came across as really judgemental and a total jerk, but I just feel that being at home with my kids is so important.I am so passionate about it that I guess I get carried away and I apologize for that.I know that alot of families can't do what we did and for some it just does not work out.I did not mean to offend anyone.It's just something I feel so strongly about...Perhaps at some point you guys will be able to be home full time with your kids.I promise it makes such a huge difference.Shannon, I apologize to you and your husband.I really didn't mean to be such a jerk about the issue.And no, I didn't want all the recognition or to hurt anyone.It's just something that is so important to me and I want to share that with others.Hope you guys don't have bad feelings abut me....Miss Anonymous...

shannonjason said...

Anonymous -
I respect the fact you came back on here to apologize and I accept your apology. There is a slight difference between being passionate about something and being ignorant. I understand that you felt compelled to share your situation and wanted the same for another family. However, when you come across as mean and vile to a complete stranger for all the world to see - it does tend to blow up in your face. It's a karma thing, and I learned a LONG time ago how it all works, so I do my best to lean towards the positive end of everything. Trust me it doesn't always happen that way but I do try. I didn't get offended by your comments, it actually made me a little sad for you - so I prayed about it, I prayed for you. I prayed that you would take a step back and see that not all situations are the same and there is no "right" way to raise your children. Someday it just may work out that I can be home, but honestly in this economy right now, nothing is guaranteed. Of the two of us, I have the more secure job - so I wouldn't give that up and risk my husband being laid off. We don't live extravagantly - our vehicles are several years old, I coupon and stockpile. If both of us working right now means we don't have to worry about how we are going to pay for our children's future, then I'm fine with that. My daughter loves playing with her friends at daycare and that is the type of relationship that I cannot provide for her being at home. She is challenged by the other kids and she challenges them. Being amongst your peers is something that everyone needs in their life, both as children and adults. But know this - from the moment my husband and I are home, we savor every minute with them - weather its dinner together as a family, rolling around on the floor playing, or sharing a bedtime story. I would never take that time away from my husband for my own selfishness in wanting to be home every day. In fact right now they are playing with their Daddy and Grandpa who came to visit from out of state. I guess what I'm getting at is every family and every situation is different and I only hope you can take a step back and see that just because it's not the way you are doing things, doesn't mean that it's wrong and that other people are suffering. I do wish you the best of everything in your life and I do think that's it's great you keep coming to visit my blog. Take Care and I hope you have a Blessed Easter!!!

Anonymous said...

That last comment was not from me....