Friday, March 13, 2009

Sick babies two precious babies are sick...really sick. Brenna had been battling a cough for a little while, a nice "welcome to daycare" treat. The fever stepped in last weekend and Brenna and I camped out on the couch all day long on Saturday. By Sunday we we're in the ER with her. 101 temp, hadn't really had anything to eat for a couple days and we found the culprit....double ear infection, her first ever. We were sent home with a lovely hot pink bottle of yummy goodness in hopes that this would bring her back to her upbeat self. After some Tylenol and a first dosage, there was a HUGE improvement...wonderful. Through the week she's been getting better, still coughing and has a boogy nose, but for the most part she's back to herself.

While Brenna was getting better, Trever was following in her sick footsteps. It started with a little cough and some boogs...then it kept getting worse. Fever kicked in, coughing took over and the poor guy was miserable (not to mention Mommy and Daddy were living on very little sleep for a few days)

Yesterday we had a follow up appointment for Brenna's ears so I called to see if they could see Trever too. A busy schedule for the Doctor, but they'd be happy to fit him in. Jason and Grandma took the kiddos to the Doctor since this was my first week back at work and I couldn't really leave early. I met them at the clinic and relieved my Mom. Turns out Brenna's ears are still infected, but are on their way to clearing up...just a few more days of meds and she'll be good to go. Now...poor Trever.....our smiley 3 month old boy has RSV.

RSV is like the super nasty cold....same symptoms....spreads the same way.....just that it's awful and tends to last 1-2 weeks and can lead to pneumonia. Most of us have had it...fought through it, and went on our way - no problems. BUT for a baby under 6 months this can have some serious life threatening issues. Trever was given a nebulizer treatment at the clinic and we had to rent a machine today and give him a treatment every 6 hours for the next few days. He also has some yummy amoxil to treat his ear infection, Tylenol to take care of the fever, and several prayers from those who love him. He did get a chest x-ray that was negative for pneumonia which is wonderful.

Last night he slept really well. He woke up around 1:30am and I was more than happy to rock him for an hour or so just to give him that "mommy" love and he slept again until it was time to go to Grandma's. His fever was gone for most of the night, but picked up today. He's had another neb and is really starting to break up all the crud in his lungs. Hopefully the next few days will really bring him back around.

There's nothing worse than seeing a kid sick. As much as I enjoy that they are so cuddly...I'd rather have them well. It breaks a Mommy's heart to see the red teary eyes of her children who have been coughing non stop and just want to feel better. for RSV...I don't like that little bugger. It has taken the spunk out of my babies and I want it back.


One Pretty Girl and Her Mama said...

Aww, Your pour babies. I will be praying for Trever (and all of you!).

shannonjason said...

Thank you H