Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Brenna and Trever


Just Kids said...

Brenna !!! can you imagine what she does to dart when you are NOT looking. hehe

And Trevor is saying in "alien language" "I can't wait to see auntie Patti"

Soon little man!

shannonjason said...

You're funny. Well, Brenna has no holds barred with Dart even when we are looking. I think she was slowly teaching Trever how to do it and didn't want to start off with an all out beating. Poor Dart - but he must love it cuz he keeps coming back for more and gets mad at her if she's ignoring him. Go figure.

I'm sure thate EXACTLY what Trever was saying - trying to convince Brenna that you're not so bad. ha ha ha ha.

See you in a couple days.