Thursday, March 19, 2009

Name that tune...

Ok's a little quiz question for you.

Name this tune that has been stuck in my head for the last 3, yup 3, days. Or at least what it is from. A little's all thanks to my little girl.....

here goes-

Good day
How is your fam'ly

Good day
How is your wife?

I need six eggs
That's too expensive
There must be more than this provincial life

Good luck....leave me a comment with your guess.


Kristina said...

I'll admit I was curious and had no idea so I googled :-) Beauty & the Beast! Woo hoo what do I win? (Nothing cuz I cheated, right? LOL)

shannonjason said...

ahhh...big Yea, it's the opening song to Beauty and the Beast - Brenna's newest favorite thing to watch. Actually - I've been meaning to e-mail you for your address cuz I do have something for you. I'll throw in a "prize" too for your awesome researching skills :) Have to run and scan a patient, buit I'll e-mail you in a little bit.

Anonymous said...

I was going to guess Mary Poppins cuz it just sounds very Mary Poppiney. But I would be wrong and since I already know the right answer I will leave you with this.

Just a spoonfull of sugar makes the medicine go down!!

Anonymous said...

btw.....I have still had too much coffee.

shannonjason said...

Hey anonymous....

You taking care of my farm???