Tuesday, September 2, 2008


We had the best food this weekend...ugh, I think I'm still full. On Saturday we headed over to my folks for a Shrimp Boil. Now, this was my very first attempt at something so different, but I think it turned out great (and by all the "ugh, I'm so full" comments afterwards, I think it went off pretty good.) I wish I would have taken pictures of it, but by the time it was ready to eat we were all so hungry that running to get my camera (10 feet away) would have delayed our meal too long. So...in the turkey deep fryer w/ water, we cooked corn on the cob, red potatoes, kielbasa, and shrimp in some Zataran's seasoning, 2 big ol cloves of garlic and 3 sweet onions. Mmmmmm, it all had so much flavor and just a bit of a kick. We lined the table with a plastic table cloth topped with parchment paper (couldn't find the freezer paper) and poured all the yummy goodness across the table. WE had squeezable butter, cocktail sauce and spicy mustard to dip everything in. We we're a little more domesticated than we were supposed to, and used a fork and a couple plates, but for the most part we just ate right off the table.
We are definitely doing this one again...it was oh so good.

After recovering on Sunday we had another wonderful meal on Monday. Mom and Dad, Chris and Mike and kids all came over for some Jalapeno poppers, stuffed mushrooms and stuffed peppers. Wow - another awesome dinner. The stuffed peppers turned out so yummy.

All and all...Labor day weekend - we filled our belly's with awesome food and the kidos got to run around and play. GREAT WEEKEND!!!!!

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