Thursday, September 25, 2008

My belly is big....

It may have something to do with the fact that I didn't lose any of the weight that I had gained when I had Brenna (ok, I lost some of it, and gained it back when I first found out I was pregnant). I went in for my check-up and glucose test yesterday (which I'm pretty sure I passed since they haven't called me) and when I got on the scale, I couldn't even see the numbers. For most women, that'd probably be a good thing, but I was curious what I had gained. I had to literally push (or try to) some of my belly in and lean over. To my surprise I was up 5 pounds (16 total, not bad) but I thought it was going to be much worse. They didn't yell at me at all...yes I had a 5 pound jump, but I've been at a steady increase.

So...that's all good, but now I'm realizing just how big my belly is getting. When I have my scrubs on at work, as soon as I sit down, the top rolls down and I have a nifty little crotch band that sits under my belly...even better, as soon as I stand up, I have to pull them up quick or I'll loose them all together. Now picture this lovely image, as I'm leaving an elderly male patient, in the dark (or dimly lit room anyway), I'm pulling my gloves off and trying to quickly grab my pants before they end up on the floor, all the while trying to be discreet and quite as to not alert my patient that there's a problem. I think I managed this with style and grace. When I return from showing my films, I turn up my lights and let the patient know he's all done. He stands up and says "you know darling (yes, he was cute and called me darling), my wife bought me a pair of these here suspenders." wondering where he was going with this.... "I can ask her where you can pick up a pair to help you out" gee, thanks mister. Now that I'm beat red with embarrassment, I laugh it off, pat my belly and tell him it'll be over soon when the baby comes. He says "Oh...well heck, if it's only a week or two, I can lend you mind" So now I'm not only loosing my pants and doing a bad job at hiding it...I am now big enough to deliver my son in a week or two instead of 3 months...oh boy.

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Jenny said...

16 lbs? Try 30! ;) I need to see your belly to see what I'm up against ;)