Friday, August 29, 2008

Kickin my....

...bladder. I tell ya, this kid is SOOOOOO much more active than Brenna ever was. I don't know what fancy new dance moves he's picked up but it's crazy how much this little boy is jumping around. He's usually quiet at night, and must sleep when I do because I don't feel a thing from about 8PM on. Usually about 9AM he starts up and goes non stop all day. Ice cream gets him moving too - thinks its the cold? Ha.

Anyway, had my 23 week check up on Wednesday and all is well. He's growing right on schedule and is really enjoying staying where he's add (good boy!) He's very active and even kicked at Dr Barker when he was trying to listen to his heart. My next appointment we'll do the dreaded Glucose test - which actually wasn't that bad for me last time so hopefully we'll pass on the first try again. Only up 2 pounds from the last visit with a total of 11 pounds gained...not too bad.

Brenna does the funniest thing right now....she tickles herself. I really need to get a video of her and put it on here, it's just hilarious. If she's laying down (on the bed, couch or floor) if you ask her to tickle herself, she'll tickle her belly while shaking her head, rocking form side to side and kicking her feet all around....all while she has this crazy kinda laughing smile, squinted eyes look. it just makes me laugh, she's so dang funny. are so awesome.


Jenny said...

only 11 lbs!!! i'm jealous...I think I'm over 20 already...but I'm sort of tall, so that makes it ok, right?

shannonjason said...

Heh- Jenny, well being that I still have my 50-some lbs from my first kid, 11 is doing pretty good. I actually think you're only allowed so many pounds and since I used it all up on Brenna, I'm resorting to the fact that this child will have to survive off all my fat...ha.

Good to see you stopping by =)