Thursday, August 14, 2008

2 years ago today....

I was in the hospital awaiting the arrival of our precious baby girl. Here's Brenna's birth story.

I was set up for induction on Monday, August 14th 2006 - which was 9 days past my due date. We were at the hospital by 7:15am. The Dr checked my cervix...1cm and I was at a -3. She broke my water and started the pitocin. Several hours went by, contractions progressively got worse, but still nothing that I couldn't handle with a deep breath or two. I wanted to go epi, no meds and for the most part I did pretty good. throughout the day the Dr would come in and check....2cm and -2 ... 3cm and at a 0. Great...progressing along just fine. By about 3pm I was having some pretty intense contractions and once I'd have a contraction, my stomach would grawl ( I was soooo hungry and ice chips just didn't cut it) and it'd make me nausea's. That was worse than the contractions, I dreaded having another one just for the fact that I'd throw up. So they did give me a medication just to help me relax to see if that'd help. They checked me out...3cm and -1...WHAT??? really? seems that I got to a 3 and just sat there, so she said she'd come back and check on me again in an hour. More contractions, more hour later....3cm and -2. Brenna was heading back up and wanted nothing to do with being born.

At 5pm we decided that we'd be best off going for a c-section. It had been 10 hours since they broke my water and I was not progressing at all. There was some worry about never getting past the 3cm mark and they didn't want to go too long with my water broken. Once we decided to go with the c-section, it was like a mad dash to get me ready....catheter put in, change beds, Jason get in scrubs...and off we went. They had to put in the spinal block in the OR since I didn't want an epi to begin with, which let me tell you is really difficult to curl your back holding onto a chair, pretty much naked and freezing sitting on a tiny OR table....but it went in just fine. They already had me open when they brought Jason in the room. After a few little shakes (that's all I felt) we heard the most amazing sound anyone could possibly hear.
Our baby's cry.

Brenna Nichole was born at 5:59pm on Monday August 14, 2006.
She weighed 8lbs 3 oz and was 21 inches long.
She had a full head of dark black hair.
She was healthy, happy....

I couldn't believe that we could make such a precious little one (well, with the help from God of course). This was our girl, our daughter. Only we could make Brenna Nichole and she stole our hearts from her first breath.

She was alert from the very start, even my Mom commented on how just an hour after she was born (when they came to visit) she was looking around and taking it all in.

That's my girl....not wanting to miss a thing.
and now she's 2.
Happy 2nd Birthday Brenna. Mommy and Daddy love you so much and we're so proud that your our little girl.

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Just Kids said...

Happy Birthday Brenna,

Love Jake, Mike, Tera, Dave and Patti