Thursday, July 31, 2008

It's a.....

BOY!!!! Well we technically already new that, but it was confirmed at my U/S yesterday. Everything looks great with Baby Boy (name to be decided later we're torn between two). He's growing and staying healthy in there so hopefully he'll keep it up for the next 20 weeks or so. Dr Barker did bump up may date by 2 days to the 21st. Not a real biggie (I was saying the 23rd) but better than the 15th/16th like it was according to my period. So there, we'll keep this little one in as long as we can and maybe he'll be coming home for Christmas.

As far as all the Antibodies in my blood, turns out it was probably just a false positive from the other tests because the last batch they took was completely normal - YAY!!! Just what we wanted to hear.

So...19 1/2 weeks and all is still going well. I feel great but am getting a little tired of the heartburn. It's pretty much an every night thing now, oh well I'm not really complaining as it could be so much worse. I'm just blessed to have this healthy baby boy inside me, I'd go through anything for him. =)

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