Monday, July 7, 2008

belly check

I had an appointment on Thursday for another belly check and for the most part everything went very well. I gained 2 lbs from my last appointment, however I had lost 2 pounds from my first one, so technically I'm the same, no real weight gain. The baby's heartbeat was 156 and it was so great to hear it again. Everything is going well for baby, but they needed to draw some more blood from me. My last blood draw was for all the regular tests, Hepatitis, HIV, blood typing, etc. which all came back fine, but it also showed some Antibodies in my blood. They needed more so they can do a full work up tracer to find out what type of Antibodies are forming and why. Dr Barker figured that is was from when I had Brenna, some of her blood mixed with mine and that it why my body was fighting back. This is most commonly seen in Rh negative mommies and Rh positive babies, where the mom's blood can build up these antibodies to protect itself from the foreign blood. The only problem with this is that I'm Rh positive so it shouldn't even be an issue. my next appointment I should be getting the results as to what is going on and what we'll need to do to keep me and this baby safe. It may just be a shot for me, but it could potentially be worse. I'm not one to worry much, what will be will be, but it is definitely something that hadn't even crossed my mind before.
On to better news...we are set up for our "official" U/S on the 30th and we'll hopefully get confirmation on if we're having a boy or girl. ( I know a select few of you already know....but please try to keep quiet until we give the official results). Here's to keeping this a healthy and happy pregnancy for us.
Oh by the way....I felt baby for the first time on Saturday. He/She was moving around like crazy (although I think the ice cream had something to do with it). Not too bad for 15 1/2 weeks, I didn't really feel Brenna until 18 weeks - probably sooner than that but I didn't really know what I was feeling before then. I didn't realize how much I missed's so good to be here again.

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Jenny said...

i'm the prego who's a day behind you ;) i'll be thinking about you and your little one! good thoughts!

i haven't felt the baby move, but maybe I just don't recognize it since it's my first...we also have our official boy/girl appt. scheduled for the 24th- exciting!