Monday, November 9, 2009

Stellan - prayers needed

***I stole this picture from MckMama's blog***

- I admit it, I'm a thief, but I just have to look at this adorable face while my knees are getting bruised, my hands are cramping, my lips are moving faster than I can speak the words, and my heart is aching for this little boy.

I haven't been posting about Stellan and his latest ordeal, mainly because I didn't know what to write. My heart is heavy and my eyes are swollen. Stellan has been a part of my life since I became pregnant with my son. They are 2 months apart in age and I cannot even fathom the idea of having my son go through what Stellan is going through.

Stellan is in Boston undergoing another ablation for his heart. Well - as of right now they are still working on getting all his lines placed in order to perform the ablation. He has been very sick and his little heart had even stopped at one point and the team had to get it started again. You can follow MckMama's blog for updates, but please say a prayer for this family. Pray for strength, courage and understanding. Their faith in Him is amazing.

Hugs and Kisses sweet Stellan!

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