Saturday, October 24, 2009


Look at how cute these two are together. I'd say about 99% of the time they are like this.

Trever gets so excited he can hardly contain himself when he sees Brenna. He smiles and bounces until she gets close enough to tackle.

Brenna has been a wonderful Big Sister. She cares for him so much. From the start she has always wanted to help with him - feed him, talk to him, and she just loves to make him smile. It's great to hear her "baby high pitch talk" when she talks to him.

They both loves hugs.

If Trever reaches for her hair or even drools on her a little bit, she tips her head back with a big smile and says "awe...Trever". It is so adorable.

I only hope these two will become closer and closer every day and develope a wonderful relationship.

I love my sweet babies and this look is something I'll cherish forever.

{sigh} I just love being a Mom!!!

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