Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Prayer Request

Uncle Nate and Trever at Trever's Baptism

I have been waiting to post this until I had more information. Jason's brother Nate was in a 4-wheeler accident on Friday July 31st**. He went off an 8 foot drop and fractured his L5 vertebra (lower back bone) and his hip. He under went surgery today to fix his back, which took longer than expected. He suffered some permanent nerve damage and is having some issues with his left leg. I don't have all of the details as Jason didn't ask too many questions, but this was the basic information that I got. I'm sure they'll be finding out more tomorrow when he has a little time to recover from the surgery. He is scheduled for a second surgery to repair his hip on Friday. I ask that you keep him and the rest of the family in your thoughts and prayers.

We pray for God's healing hands be laid upon him. Give him strength and patience as this will be a long and grueling recovery for him. We pray for the Doctors and Nurses who are taking care of Nate, that they have steady hands and wisdom to help him make a full recovery. My dear brother-in-law, we wish we could be by your side and hold your hand through this, but we trust that you are in the best hands there is...His hands.

We love you Nate!

**Edited - Date corrected, I originally put June 30th. It was late when I posted....and I was tired.

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Ace said...

How horrible! Will pray for sure!

One Pretty Girl and Her Mama said...

I will definitely be praying for him and the whole family.