Wednesday, December 10, 2008


11 - the number of days left until my due date. 23 - the number of hours my husband was away at work since Monday night until this morning. 14 - the number of days left until Christmas. 0 - the number of gifts I have left to buy. 32 - the number of bad words I uttered yesterday due to my situation at work. 0 - the amount of tolerance I have for the stupidity surrounding my work environment. 10 - the number of weeks I will be spending at home with my two beautiful children. 1,000,000.........etc - the number of times I will smile and marvel at the two Blessings that I call my own. 1 - husband who I get to share my life with. 2 - the amount of hours I hope to be in labor with baby number 2 (a girl can dream right?) 3 - the number of pushes I need to get him out (hey, it's my fantasy ok...) 15 - the number of phone calls Jason will have to make. 5 - the number of SECONDS it will take for my Mom to throw Brenna in the car and head to the hospital. 5 - the number of people that will laugh out loud because they know just how my Mom is. 3 - the number of hours I have left to work today. 10 - the number of kisses I'll be giving Brenna when I see her. 7 - the number of comments that I'll get on here that feel they have to add their own numbers to my have at it !!

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